Monday, December 24


Heer is my Kristmuss list. Pleeze git me all this stuff:
  1. Fire truk with lites and siruns
  2. Drum set
  3. 1000 cases of catnip
  4. Ranebow colored fethery playtoy
  5. A grate tunnul box to play in like that littul upstares rat has
  6. A toy AK-47 (a reely lowd one, not the kind yoo can barely heer)
  7. A toy battery-powerd Humvee that I can ride arownd the nayberhood in, just like da grate Mr Tinydik
  8. The Nintendo Weeeeeeeee so I can play DDR with the wite rat. I think I wood be a vary good danser and I love to go WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Make shur the one yoo git me has lots and lots of brite blinking lites in many colors.
  9. A tie-die mussul teeshert in many brillyunt colors.
  10. Werld peese.
And pleeze give my best frend Monty Q Cat and my gerlfrend Parker sum good stuff becuz they deeserve it and Miss Daisy 2 cuz she's teechin me manners. Pleeze and thank yoo. And DMM, too, cuz she is gonna join my harum and she gots me a grate krissmuss prezint!!!!!

I also wunted to ixplane sum things:

Ferst of all, it wuzn't my fawlt the stoopid kristmuss tree got knokked over on the floor and the ornamints got broken. I BARELY EVEN BRUSHED AGINST IT. It was kinda crookid anyway, and was on the verje of falling over yoo cood tell. I was just in the rong place at the rong time. Storey of my life.

Secund of all, the thing with the berd yesturday WAS NOT MY FAWLT. He was buzzing like a musskeeto in my eer and I wint to brush him away, and the minit I tucht him he got ded. And my ladey likes it win I make berds go ded cuz evry time I do she gits me a new shiney bell for my collar. And I like to make my ladey happy cuz she let me live with her and the man hoo is always sayin TRIP DOWN!.

Therd of all, I'm not reeeeely trying to eet Skeezix win I play with him. He sqweels like a gerl (yes, Miss Daisy, this is troo) even win I just give him my best psyko look and don't even tuch him. I wunt a frend to play with and all the other cats hate me becuz I'm such a hansum spesimin of bigmancathood and thare jellus and Skeezix izn't jellus cuz he knows he will never in a millyun yeers be a bigmancat like me so he duzn't even try.

Oh, and the jumpin on the cownters thing. I only do it so I can be closer to my ladey and then give her a big hug arownd the nek like she's my gerlfrend and I need to be higher to do that and she likes it a lot when I give her my bigmancat loves even tho it makes the man hoo is always sayin TRIP DOWN jellus.

So as yoo can see, thare is an explayshun for evrything and that meens yoo need to git me evrything on my kristmiss list. Pleeze and thank yoo.

Yer frend,

PEE ESS: Sinse yer so fat, yoo probly won't fit down owr chimney so yoo can just leeve my stuff on the frunt porch like the man in the brown shorts duz.


  1. Tripper, I hope you get everything on your wish list. But, are you sure you need 1,000 cases of catnip? That's a lot. Maybe 943 cases would be enough.

    Um, Tripper? One other thing. I do not think you should have called Santa Claws fat. At least not until AFTER Christmas. If you see him, you might need to apologize to him. Just say "Mr. Claws, I am very sorry I called you fat. You have a pleasant figure." That should do it.

    I hope you have a very happy and colorful Christmas!

  2. From one tabby mancat brother to another, Merry Christmas!! I hope you get EVERYTHING on your list. Love the Christmas tree, too!

  3. Merry, merry Christmas, Tripper dude!!!

    I hope you get what you want, but I'm not so sure asking for a AK-47 is a good idea. I mean if they blame you for killing a bird that was gonna die anyway, just think what they will blame you for if ya can shoot stuff.

  4. I am pretty sure you will not get everything on your list but I hope you have a very Merry Christmas anyway Tripper!

    Tiger Lily

  5. Trip, dude, it's not a good idea to call Sandy Claws fat afore he akshooally gifs yoo stuff. Hope yoo get a lot of what yoo want. Merry Krissmouse.

  6. Merry Christmas Tripper! I hope you get everything on your list and I also hope that Santa didn't get mad at you for calling him fat!1,000 cases of catnip would be a lot of fun!
    Smooches to you, you big handsome psycho tabby!

  7. Tripper, we hope you gotted efurryfing on your christmas list!

    Merry Christmas Friend!

  8. Tripper, we hope all your Christmas wishes came true, although I'm not sure having an AK-7 in hand after you've sniffed 1,000 cases of catnip is a good idea. Here's to the Merriest Christmas ever!

    & everybody at Artsy Catsy

  9. So!! What did you get for Christmas?!! Hope it was a fun one :)
    Purrs Mickey

  10. Merry Christmas!

    I hope you have a very Happy Day and a healthy, safe, prosperous, and Happy New Year!

  11. Arh...that's a good wetter to Santa! So did he weave those things in the fwont porch?

  12. Merry Christmas Tripper.

  13. I hope you got good stuff for Christmas, Tripper. I hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas.

  14. deer trip,
    did u get all da thingz on yer chrissmuss list? i wuz laffin an laffin at all da stuff u were askin fer (eksept fer werld peece ... which iz sumthin we all want)
    jus wunderin ... did u get da ak-47? (be careful ... u cood shoot yer eye owt!)
    i luv u trip!

  15. Hope you got everything you asked for Trip.

    Meowy Catsmas & a Happy Boxing Day to you!

  16. Well did Santa bring yoo efurryfing yoo wantid? If he brought yoo all that nip are yoo going to haf a nip party? Can we come?

  17. Tripper,
    That is an interesting wish list! I hope you recieved all that your heart desired!

  18. deer trip,
    do not try to eet yer brudder.

  19. Dood ... Did Santa hook you up?

    Harem-member an' Spicy Vixen

  20. I'm late in gettin' to read blogs, but I hope you had a Merry Christmas Dude!


  21. Hi Tripper,

    I hope you got everything on your list.Have a Happy New Year :)

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  23. Happy New Year from Pyewacket, Tigger and Trixie!

  24. Tripper,
    Hope you had a Merry Christmas despite the Christmas Tree Incident. We seem to be in a bit of trouble ourselves regarding the dismantling of a certain piece of tall greenery...

    Happy New Year!
    Padre, Panda Bear, and Meerkat

  25. Happy New Year Tripper.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

  26. Trip, I didn't know you were getting a harem! Are you planning on stealing, uh I mean luring some of Rocky's Spicey Vixens over to your side?

    I don't think there's anything wrong with walking on the counter. A guys gotta do what a guys gotta do, you know.


  27. Hey Tripper! Stop by when you get a chance, I tagged you for a meme!