Monday, January 7


Seven Weird Things Meme
Monty Q Cat tagged me for the seven weird things meme AND I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHUT A MEME IS!!!!!

The rules are: Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog. Share seven random weird facts about yourself. Tag seven random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs. Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

  1. I'm a big boy so it's hard to groom my bak ixsept win my ole' ladey Parker comes over and duz it for me so I git on the stares and I dig my klawz into the carpet on the step above ware I'm sitting then I kind levridge and twist my body arownd so I can tern all the way arownd to groom my bak all the way bak to ware it gits close to my spot 13.
  2. My ladey makes shreeky noizes win I make berds go ded but still she reewards me eech time by adding a bell to my coller this makes me lowd I like lowd.
  3. I LOVE MY MONTY Q CAT BED! Akshully, it started owt by being Mao's bed cuz he wun it but I didn't have an offishul bed just a box so my ladey gave me the bed cuz she likes me best but I'm a big boy as yoo know so I spill owt over the sides but I still LOVE LOVE LOVE MY MONTY Q CAT BED and win I go to sleep at nite, I sleep the hole nite thru withowt waking up.
  4. I like the way my spot 13 smells.
  5. I wood like to lern how to fart!!!!!!!!!!!!! And not SBDs, but the reely LOWD kind that kleer a room.
  6. I like warin hats, espeshully the Yankees cap.
  7. I like to play the peeano and I'm vary good at it.
Now I tag:

Meep and Twiz
Rosie and Cheeto (cuz Rosie is HOT!)
Jeter Harris
Dragonheart and Merlin (cuz Merlin looks YUMMY)
Bonnie and Victor
Jimmy Joe


  1. I think I heared on the radio that they call those dutch oven farts that you want to do. I am a lady cat, so I do not fart.

    I make birds go dead too, but I do not get any bells put on my coller.

  2. i would love to learn to rip a good poot too. as long as they're still really stinky. - Miles

  3. I don't get to play wif live birds cept thru the windo. But I had bells on my collar so Bonnie would hear me comin. Did you get what you wanted fur Chrissymouse?

  4. Tripper! Making a f*rt in public is not very polite. I do not even say that word. So, it's best not to learn that trick. But if you make one by mistake, you should say "Ooops, excuse me!" Then, maybe you can look a little bit embarrassed.

  5. Tripper,

    My Meowm has a hard time scratching her back....maybe she should try the method you use for grooming your back.


  6. Regarding #5, if your Daddy is anything like Sunny's Daddy, he can teach you how to do that ;-)

  7. Trip, do not say things like "Merlin looks yummy" it makes beans wory dat yoo mite try to eat another kitty if yoo are invited to visit and dat means dey will neffur invite yoo to visit~Speedy
    Zippy sez dat da farts dat make noyze do not smell as bad as da ones dat don't. At least when dad does dem dat is da way it works. Dat is why dey call dem silent but deadly

  8. Thanks for tagging me! I've already done it. Here it is!

  9. That's an interesting list, Trip. We enjoyed learning more about you. We can both be stinky, but we aren't very loud when we pass gas.

    Thanks for the tag!

  10. Mum finks we're unyooshull cuz neither of us fart,no reely we don't.I like making birds ded too but mum duzn't like me doing it. If I make mousies ded she sez good boy. What's the diffrunts? Hyoomans hmphhh!!!!

  11. You need a bigger bed, Trip? Do you have a pic of you in the bed you have now?

  12. I have the same problem with my back furs 'cause I'm a big guy too. It's a little embarrassing to admit to the world that you have clumps, but since you've done it, I will too.

    Max S

  13. Hey Tripper, thanks for tagging me, ol' buddy! I gotta wait till Momma comes back from Los Angeles so I can get back on my bloggie, so I have time to think up some good weird things. I'm glad you get pretty bells when you bring home birdies. I'm good at bird calls, but I've never managed to get one.
    Your budy, Jimmy Joe

  14. Dude, you certainly live up to your are most certainly a Trip of the First Order! When I rip one my mom sings that song,"Smelly cat, oh, smelly cat, Angus is a smelly cat!" I love that song!

  15. hey, trip? about that #5 . . . ask your beans for beans! um, that sounds confusing. ask your beans for the musical fruit . . . yeah, that's it--the musical fruit. they'll know whatcha mean. just eat lotsa them, an' you'll be jet-propelled before you know it!

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