Monday, October 15

Mancat Munday: Go Raiders!!!!

i am going to have to git advice frum jeter harris on how to keep rooting for yer teem win they suk. and even werse, i'm gonna hafta hide owt frum dazy may mowse cuz she's a gerlcat and pikt a winning teem hoo beet my teem.


  1. Tripper, do not worry, my team is even worse than your team. My team has not won even once. I am a little bit embarrassed.

  2. My team has losted too, I am a bit sad about that. Maybe we will win next week your team and mine!
    purrrs, Othello

    My team won this weekend but they haf only won 3 times so far...
    and next week our teams will play against each other. This wilkl be interesting :o)
    purrrs, Kashim

  3. Dear Trip. We are thrilled that you are cheering for you team.
    Our team is the Washington Redskins and they are pretty bad too. I think we could have their paychecks and do more exciting things to entertain people. These guys have such a creampuff job and they disappoint us all... then they make piles of money.

    You look very snazzy and jazzy in your kerchief!

  4. A real Mancat sticks to his team no matter what!

  5. Who cares if dey win or lose, yoo look good in yer kerchif and dat is more importint!

  6. Saaannnnn Deeee-egggoooo Suuuu-per Chaaarrrrrrgggersss!

    Whoo hoo! Go Gold an' Blue! How's about that LaDainian Tomlinson, huh Trip?

    Poor Raiders ...


  7. Go Raiders?! I do not know who they are???

  8. Tripper, our team (buffalo) suks too. they played a team called The Bye this weekend and mommy says that buffalo lost to them.

  9. It's okay, Trip. You still can root for them, I think you'd make a cool mascot.

    (How come you have two bells on your collar?)

  10. You do wook a wittle annoyed Twipper!

  11. Keep cheering your team on.....they will appreciate it!

  12. tripp you can alway root for the pats
    just like the red sox after all we got tom bardy

    Lilly Lu