Thursday, October 4


  1. Mao got kranky and kikt me off his blog so I was left withowt a way to ixpress myself.
  2. Chiks dig it.
  3. Win I win grate prizes like in Pablo's footy finals contest or Monty Q's Doin' the Q contest, thare was no eezy way to notify me that I winned.
  4. Sinse my ladey put a bunch more bells on my collar, I haven't been as suksessful hunting berdies so thare wuzn't much for me to do during the day blogging gives me sumthing to do!
  5. Using Mao's blog sumtimes was SO BORING cuz he has a boring brown color on his blog cuz he's a geezer and I NEED MY COLORS!!!!!
  6. Mao also got mad at me win I used suttul animayshuns on his blog.
  7. This will help me showcase my blog deezines so maybey I can have a reewarding career as a blog deeziner.
  8. I git to do memes!!!!!
  9. I felt like an owtsider and a loozer win I didn't have a blog. NOW I'M HAPPY AGIN!!!!
  10. Win that littul wite rat started blogging, the man in the bloo shorts started bringing him stuff. I think that now I'm blogging the man in the bloo shorts will bring stuff to ME!!!!
  11. 2 werds: Mancat Munday!!!!!
  12. Sumtimes my ladey has to help me blog and then we spend qwality time together.
  13. Becuz I LOVE PARKER and I didn't think I cood ask her to go steddy until I GOT MY OWN BLOG!!!!!


  1. Trip,
    I hear ya man! Blogging in the beans. I bet Parker sez 'yes'. If I was a spicy vixen I would.

  2. We are so happy that you now have your own blog! It is quite a joyous occasion to visit you!!! The Man in Blue Shorts may be on his way to you now!

    Purrrrrs, China Cat & Willow

  3. Dude, yoo just asked Parker to go steddy! Yoo do unnerstand dat if yoor going steddy wif a gerlcat dat she is yoor one and only...~Speedy

  4. Congratulations on getting your own blog, Tripper. All those colours are a little hard on the eyes, but as long as you are happy. :)

  5. Awwww, I'm so happy you've got yur own bloggie! You are one of the koolest mancats efur! And wowie, how romantick that you asked Parker to go steady. You two would make a purr-eshus couple! But try not to bunnykik her... hehehe!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  6. Those are some very good reasons, Tripper. I am so happy you finally got your own blog. And you know what? You are doing an excellent job on your blog!

    ps: If you can borrow a dictionary, maybe you can look up the word "subtle." Just so you are sure that you understand the meaning.

  7. Yoo haf a grate blog Trip. We can't wait to see some more annymayshuns.Has Parker sed yes?

  8. Wow Tripper, those are some great reasons to have your very own blog! I am very flattered that you are thinking about asking me to go steady!
    You know where I am big boy!

  9. we love your blog - it's so..... colorful!!

  10. Dear Tripper. WE really enjoyed this TT. You have "la vie joyeuse"
    Mommie is taking a french class and she says that means you are always happy no matter what.

    You should ask Parker to go steady soon... before some other cat snaps her up!

    Love and purrrs, Princess

  11. It is quite colorful! I'm happy you have your own blog too Tripper, you obviously need to express yourself!


  12. Yup! It's fun ta have yer own blog.Your's sure is brite! Matches yer catpersonality

  13. Hi Trip,

    Great thirteen.I think you a Parker
    will make a great couple.

  14. HI TRIPPER!!! You asked Parker! How pawsome!! I love the new blog, I'm so happy the petition worked!

    Oh! MomBean asked if you liked your present from my contest. She didn't think you'd like the photo book. ;)

    LIFE'S A TRIP now that you've got your own blog!

  15. Oh yeah, I tagged you for a meme, come on over!

  16. Trip

    YU is a trip! Love yur bloggie.


  17. Trip those are brilliant reasons. I bet Parker will go out with you, she proper fancies you and everything.

    I think its great that you have your own blog, you deserve it! x

  18. Great Thursday 13 Tripper! You're a totally awesome web designer. I'm glad now I can leave messages for you on your very own blog!

    I'm positive Parker will say yes! That is so cool you asked her.

  19. Yore blog is fun, Tripper!
    And that's so sweet bout Parker :)

  20. Trip those are all good reasons for having your own blog. When a mancat has a need to express hisself he just has to do it in his own way. Good luck with Parker - hope she accepts your proposal to go steddy.

    Midnite & Stray Kitty

  21. Oh, my EYES! Wow! This is one colorful blog that you've got, Tripper. Concatulations on FINALLY getting your own space/forum.

  22. Great TT Tripper. They were are very valid reasons for having your own bloggie. Parker is very pretty and we are happy she is your girlfriend.

  23. That's a great Thursday 13, Tripper. I'm glad you got your own blog now, too. Those colors on Mao's blog caught me without sunglasses on a few times.
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  24. I love your blog, Tripper! I want to hire you to jazz up our boring blog. Mom keeps changing it, but it's still boring. BORE-ING.

    Good job on the TT, too. I think Parker is going to love it.


  25. Those are 13 very good reasons.

  26. Tripper!!!!! I am so glad to see that you got your own blog!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. wutta eksellent thrusday 13, trip.
    yer da gratest!
    lifez grate an ittza trip, too!

  28. Yay!! TRIPPER!!! You blog is so cool and colorful and we love it. Congratualtions!!!
    Your FL furiends,

  29. I can see where your taste and Mao's may not have been compatible...

  30. Those are all very good reasons for liking having your own blog, Tripper. I like it, too.

  31. go Tripper! yur a grate cat with a pozitive outlooke on life. love the new blog.


  32. Duuude! Did Parker say yes?

    Max S